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US Baking Measure for Butter

US Baking Measure for Butter
by A_Evershed on 07/07/02 at 20:02:33

In Australia, most kitchens possess domestic cook's scales, either with a spring mechanism or battery powered electronic scales. I didn't know that this was not the case in the US. That explains quite a lot!
What on earth is a stick of butter? Is it a consistent, accurate quantity? Can you tell me what it weighs?
Australian recipes use standard measures, with weight in grams and volume in cups (=250ml) or tablespoons (=20ml). Fats are usually measured in grams, liquids in cups or mls, and dry ingredients can be specified in either (or both).

Re: US Baking Measure for Butter
by Robert Fogt on 07/08/02 at 12:49:28

In the U.S. very few people have a scale in their house. We would have to sneak down to the post office and use their scales when nobody was looking.

I went out and bought some sticks of butter just to get this information. I'll try and put it up on the cooking page soon.

1 stick of butter = 1/4 pound
1 stick of butter = 1/2 cup
1 stick of butter = 8 tablespoons
1 stick of butter = 4 ounces
1 stick of butter = 113 grams

Re: US Baking Measure for Butter
by MAMITRANS on 09/06/02 at 05:48:16

And what about a tablespoon of chilled butter?
a) It's too hard to get INTO a spoon
b) Is a rounded or a level spoon usually meant??

I assume a tablespoon is a soup/serving size?  In gErman, the word "Esslöffel" can mean dessert OR soupspoon but is usually the latter for cooking purposes!

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