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Cubic feet gas ---BTU's

Cubic feet gas ---BTU's
by warren smith on 11/27/02 at 18:40:16

One cubic foot of natural gas equals how many BTU's???Also a 500 gallon tank filled with natural gas compressed @ 75 psi. will contain how much cubic feet of gas??
I have some natural gas wells on a farm and I am trying to size a storage facility, to compress natural gas.

Re: Cubic feet gas ---BTU's
by Ray G on 03/05/03 at 19:40:45

 1 Cubic Foot has approximately 1020 BTU's
 There are 100 Cubic Feet per CCF or about 102,000 BTU's
 There are 1000 Cubic Feet per MCF or about 1,020,000 BTU's
 A Therm is 100,000 BTU's or just slightly less than a CCF
 A DekaTherm is 1,000,000BTU's or just slightly less than an MCF.

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