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Metric Prefixes

Metric Prefixes
by SeienAbunae on 09/12/03 at 21:31:16

I've noticed a few unusual prefixes I haven't heard of before on this site, such as 'myria-' and 'beva-'.

Is beva the same as giga?
Are there any more?
And what are the proper abbreviations for these prefixes?

BTW this is a great site  ;D

Re: Metric Prefixes
by Robert Fogt on 09/13/03 at 02:10:54

You can find the prefixes listed here:

beva is not a metric prefix, it is Italian slang. I removed it from the metric conversion page to avoid the confusion. The only reason I had it on there in the first place because I thought someone may look there first for it.  It is the same amount as giga.

The prefix myria was part of the original metric system in 1795, and is now obsolete.  It means 10,000

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