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$/therms vs $/kilowatt-hr

$/therms vs $/kilowatt-hr
by Kurt Stalzer on 10/06/05 at 19:53:10

our natural gas cost is based on therms by the gas company (approx .84 today), how can i convert that to kilowatt/hrs charged by the electric company (approx .08 today) to see when one is cheeper than the other to heat a residence?

Re: $/therms vs $/kilowatt-hr
by Robert Fogt on 10/07/05 at 23:18:44

There are about 29.3 kilowatt hours in a therm.

You can divide the $/therm value by 29.3, or multiply the $/killowatt hour value by 29.3

0.84 $/therm / 29.3 = 0.03 $/kilowatt hour

0.08 $/kilowatt hour * 29.3 = 2.34 $/therm

So it looks like the gas company is about 1/3rd the price of the electric company.

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