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Shape Area Help

This is the help file for the various shape area calculators found on the site.

Use the same measurement unit for everything

The main thing to keep in mind, is the base unit must be the same for each measurement. For example, when calculating the area of a rectangle and you measure the length and width in inches then the area will be in square inches.

It doesn't matter what the measurement unit is as long as all measurements use it. If you measure in centimeters then the area will be square centimeters. If you measure in miles then the area will be square miles. etc.

If you measure the length in inches and the width in feet, the result will be incorrect. Make sure to first convert all measurements to the same base unit before using the calculator.

Once you have the area of the shape in square form, you can then easily convert that to whatever unit you need on the area conversion page.

The radius is not the diameter

Another common mistake is entering the diameter of a shape when the radius is asked for.

The radius is 1/2 the diameter. So if you only know the diameter, be sure to divide by 2 to determine the radius.

Ask for help if you need it

If you need additional help, be sure to visit the message forum or contact me directly.


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