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Shoe size conversion

Shoe size conversion
by Bob Harris on 10/15/01 at 01:53:53

I think I have found a glitch in the shoe size conversions.  A European size 43 is a UK size 9 - I know because I buy and wear that size - and not a 10½.

UK size 9 is a very common size and it would be useful if it could be a direct look-up and not to have to interpolate between two half sizes (ie 9½ and 10½).  Can this be done?

However, in general yours is most useful site - so many thanks.

Re: Shoe size conversion
by Robert Fogt (Guest) on 10/16/01 at 15:55:22

Thank you for the info.

The hard part about adding clothing conversions is that it is dificult to find. All the information I have is from online clothing stores, and most of the stores do not agree with each other.

I will keep trying though.

Re: Shoe size conversion
by John Hitt on 01/31/02 at 05:26:00

I agree with this - I take UK size 8 and have just bought US size 9 based on this site stating that would be UK size 8.5.

Turns out that it is UK size 7.5

I could have lived with shoe being 1/2 size too big but getting my foot in when too small is another matter >:(

Re: Shoe size conversion
by Budda on 01/28/04 at 06:46:28

again i would suggest to just ask a big shoe store to give you a conversion table. they have them lying around ( iknow i used to work for one).

Re: Shoe size conversion
by Hamilton Caldwell on 07/04/04 at 11:29:58

It's not difficult to find a table.  I did a search on "shoe sizes"  using a search engine and came up with 144 sites

Try http://www.alaskrafts.com/intlconvshoe.htm  or


Great site


Hamilton Caldwell

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