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We do our best to make sure all the conversions are accurate and correct. But there is always the possibility that they are still inaccurate or incorrect.

  • Do not assume any conversion on this site is accurate and correct.
  • Do not use any conversion on this site where loss of life, money, or property could result from inaccurate or incorrect conversions.

The accuracy of most all the conversions on this site is to 7 decimal places. That means a value of .00000001 will show up as 0. Your results may vary depending on your browser, operating system, and your computers floating point accuracy.

Rounding Errors. Often times, converting between large and small units causes rounding errors. Rounding errors are cause by different browsers, operating systems, versions of JavaScript, and others factors. For example, you will sometimes see 999.9999999 or 1000.0000001 instead of 1000. Please keep this in mind when using the conversions.

The Time Zone conversion uses your computer's internal time and will be inaccurate if your computer's time is not correct.

If you find any inaccuracies, please contact me. Contact information can be found on my contact page.

Other Uses
You may link to any of these conversions, but you may not place any of these conversions on your own web site, or in any software program.

Of course the units themselves are not copyrighted, and you may use them freely. The restriction is meant only for the units as a collection, the code used, and the look and feel.

Several of the "fun stuff" and "misc" calculators were created by others. Any restrictions listed here do not apply, though the author may list license restrictions of their own.

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