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Amps, Watts, and VA

Amps, Watts, and VA
by Sofaspud on 11/24/01 at 20:55:12

For those of us who have to occasionally figure out the VA rating for a battery backup (UPS), how about Amps and Watts to VA at 115 volts and VA at 230 volts?  I have configured a stand-alone converter on my desktop at work to do this but it would be great to have access to something similar when on the road.  I can provide you the formulas too if needed.

Re: Amps, Watts, and VA
by Robert Fogt (Guest) on 11/24/01 at 23:28:38

I will add that to my to-do list.

If you could email me the formulas, that would be great. I think I have a battery page bookmarked with the information I need, but verification would be even better.

Re: Amps, Watts, and VA
by Piero on 12/30/01 at 08:08:54

There is a difference between VA and Watts
VA (V * A) is the electric power requested by the electric device (viz. the start-up power or the power absorbed;
Watts is the power relased.

Re: Amps, Watts, and VA
by coldfuse on 01/14/02 at 09:14:44

A kVA to kW conversion requires that you know and understand the concept of power factor.  If you have a conversion, perhaps it should provide a constant as a power factor (like you do for mach speed).  However, since power factor is simply a ratio of kVA and kW, the point is rendered moot to begin with.

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