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wt/area conversions

wt/area conversions
by Jim Schmidt on 11/27/01 at 07:59:03

Looking around on this site, I couldn't find a conversion for oz/sq yd to g/sq m
Is it 33.89421  ??

Re: wt/area conversions
by Robert Fogt (Guest) on 11/28/01 at 01:45:23

I've added this to my to-do list. I need to add more density conversions.

My conversion books list it as 33.905747

1 ounce/square yard = 33.905747 gram/square meter

Re: wt/area conversions
by Adam Lawrence on 01/24/02 at 07:44:57

Another to add would be kN/cubic meter. doesnt seem to be anywhere!!

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