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Bytes and Video

Bytes and Video
by squipple on 05/05/03 at 16:00:57

Great Site!  I use it all the time!
A couple things I wanted to suggest...

On the computer byte conversion, it goes up to petabytes.  Why not go all the way?  Here's a byte chart: [url]http://acronymsonline.com/acronyms/byte_chart.htm[/url]

I was also looking for a frames-to-timecode conversion for video.  Maybe I missed it.  
Video runs at many different frames per second, so it'd be nice to have this as an enterable value, ie:

FPS:___  timecode: __:__:__:__ (hours:minutes:seconds:frames)  _______frames

Wherein you would enter two of the variables and it would calculate the 3rd for you.

Thanks for the great site!   ;)  

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