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Uk Electricity

Uk Electricity
by Budda on 02/04/04 at 21:00:20

In order to find out how much it will cost me to shine a 60 Watt lightbulb for 1 hour i phoned up my energy company in the UK and asked what their Kilowatt hour (kwh) price is. they couldn't tell me!
The operator kept going on about units in which they measure the energy consumption. he was however unable to tell me how many units are in 1  kwh. isnt that amazing? there is no way of determining how much something will cost me.
Does anyone happen to know what the UK conversion rate is?

Re: Uk Electricity
by Robert Fogt on 02/05/04 at 04:11:12

Wow.  How do they know how much to bill you?

Re: Uk Electricity
by Budda on 02/05/04 at 09:33:46

yeah i know!
However now i have sorted it out. the guy promised to call me back next day (which of course he didnt). i then phoned up again today and after a short discussion with her supervisor the operator told me that 1 unit = 1 KwH. you'd think they could have told me that straight away.
nevermind at least i can now calculate how much energy that new lightbulb will cost me LOL!

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