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Convert Voltage/Hertz to Watts?

Convert Voltage/Hertz to Watts?
by Andy Wigner on 06/04/05 at 23:01:54

I'm testing out a new generator and need to know Rated (Running) Watts for different appliance loads. I have a refrigerator and freezer with metal placards that don't provide Watt information and I don't have the manuals. Both say 115 Volts and 60 Hz. Can Running Watts be determined with this information? If so, how? If not, how do I determine Wattage? Anyone's help would be appreciated.
Freezer: AMPS 4.3; H.P. 1/4; 115V; 60 HERTZ
GE HOTPOINT Refrigerator: AMPS 7.5; 110V. AC 50HZ
115V. AC 60HZ   11-642998 POB
Thank you, Andy W. awigner@aol.com

Re: Convert Voltage/Hertz to Watts?
by Robert Fogt on 06/06/05 at 19:46:34

The formula is:

Watts = Volts * Amps

For your freezer:
4.3 amps * 115 volts = 494.5 watts

For your refrigerator:
7.5 amps * 110 volts = 825 watts

Re: Convert Voltage/Hertz to Watts?
by Andy Wigner on 06/07/05 at 06:18:23

Thank you very much for your help Mr. Fogt. I appreciate the information! Andy W. :)

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