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Stop Spyware and Viruses

After having a nasty run-in with spyware, I decided to post my research in hopes of helping others clean their computers of nasty spyware and viruses.

Did you know your computer can be infected by spyware and viruses, and you would not even know it? Modern viruses don't try to destroy your computer, they try to access your data, or use your computer as a robot to go after others.

If you notice lots of pop-up ads, or if your computer is running a lot slower than when it was new, you may be infected by spyware or viruses.

Removing Spyware

LavaSoft AdAware is the easiest to use spyware removal tool I have found. They offer a Free version for personal use. I have used both the free version and the plus version, and can tell you the free version works great, and is all you need. You can download it from here:

SpyBot Search & Destroy is another great spyware removal tool. It is slightly more complicated than LavaSoft AdAware, but it has a great feature called immunize. I recommend using both AdAware and SpyBot Search & Destroy as they complement each other. You can download it here:

Spyware Blaster does not remove Spyware, it prevents it from ever getting on your computer in the first place. It is basically a giant list of harmful sites and active-x controls which it prevents your computer from loading. I love it.

Removing Viruses

Most computers nowadays come with a virus scanner pre-installed, such as McAfee or Nortons. If not, you really need one. I have found a free virus scanner, that works well and even scans your incoming e-mail. It is called AVG AntiVirus and you can download it here:

Keeping Updated

You should always make sure you keep your computer updated. Windows users can do this easily by visiting the Windows Update Website here:

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Was this document helpful? I'd love to hear about your experiences with removing Spyware and viruses from your computer. Feel free to tell me all about it.
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