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How do I convert Volume to Weight or Weight to Volume?

This is a very common question asked, usually dealing with cooking. Many recipies ask for a certain number of grams of sugar, and you need to know how many cups that is. Or a dietary supplement states grams and you need to know teaspoons.

It is also common for jet fuel to be expressed in weight. The same with water, and many chemicals.

The weight of a substance depends on it's density, or it's specific gravity. In the case of liquids and gasses, it also depends on the temperature.

Every substance has a different specific gravity and will have a different volume to weight conversion. For example, a cup of flour will weigh different than a cup of water.

So what can you do? That would depend on the substance.


If the substance is water, there is a water weight conversion page.

If the substance is a chemical, or something such as fuel, you can usually find the specific gravity of the substance. Try searching the web for specific gravity and the name of the substance.

If the substance is food, such as flour, sugar, or a dietary supplement, try our cooking weight and volume conversion page. If you cant find it there, about the only thing you can do is find a scale and weigh it.


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